About us

Doña Sleepwear owner at campaign photo shoot with model

Doña Sleepwear

La Doña is a boss. She is respected, at the top of her game and fierce.

So, our mission is to change the game by introducing sleepwear that is luxurious, affordable and always on-trend, for all Doña's. 

As a brand we care about four things; Women, cause we're just bosses and we want to look and feel powerful, sexy and beautiful. Sleep, because even though we may not always get 8 hours of it, good sleep helps us be our best possible selves. Our most productive, positive and healthy selves. Luxury, since every part of life, should be enjoyed to the maximum extent and yes, silk sleepwear makes life (and sleep) so much better. And price, since silk pyjamas are expensive we wanted to focus on making our luxury products accessible. 

Starting with classic designs that translate from pyjamas to fashionable pieces in everyday wear. Thus, meeting the comfort and practical needs of women so that they can go from the board room, to the home office to spending time with their friends. We want to provide a comfortable fit without compromising on style and luxury. The 100% silk in our products provide comfort and beauty benefits, so Doña's can have a good nights sleep. Wakeup, and take over the campus, boardroom and the world.