Doña´s Choose Silk

Black pure silk fabric

At Doña Sleepwear we are pretty much silk obsessed. Why? Basically silk has a million benefits for you. There is a lot of science behind this, that causes these beneficial characteristics. But we will just skip to the reasons why you want to choose silk sleepwear rather than just regular pyjamas.

Sleepwear for all year round - great insulation properties for winter and cooling in the summer. Check out our silk PJ set.

Keeps you looking young - silk is so smooth, that it does not cause the sleep wrinkles that are caused by other sleepwear fabrics such as cotton or polyester. Therefore, silk helps to prevent wrinkles.

A good nights sleep (plus the glow) - the tight weave that is enabled by the natural smoothness of the silk fibre, keeps the skin moisturised and does not irritate your skin. So you have no problems sleeping and look that way when you wake up too, since your skin is better hydrated and that means a glowing complexion.

Never a bad hair day - The morphological (physical) structure of silk is so smooth that hair just slides against it, so instead of causing damage to your hair by creating knots or static, your hair stays healthy and smooth. Not to mention silk helps retain the natural moisture of hair. Have a look at our silk scrunchies